About us

Nicholas Overall

I have been involved with Classic and Historic Car racing for many years now, having started in 1968. I have raced many different cars and have had great success in the different categories in which I have entered.


I am a member of several car clubs including serving six years as Vice Chairman and then ten years as Chairman of the Historic Sports Car Club. I have sold and continue to sell many cars from Brabhams, Surtees, Alfa Romeos, Lancias, Ferraris, Porsche, Jaguars and many more. I have a passion for this business and so decided that it would be a good idea to launch this club. I  will continue to be passionate about classic cars.

Raymond Breen

I spent 30 years in banking, working mainly in the City as a currency trader and broker. For the last 20 years I have been running IT businesses to enhance on-line learning.


I Have always been interested in Classic cars, and meeting Nick revived my interest.  After much discussion and research we decided to launch this club together. I am excited to bring my experience and enthusiasm together with Nicholas' and Paul's on this website, and share it with other enthusiasts.

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